Runner: Ekaterina Kulikova

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Runner: Ekaterina Kulikova

I run in support of Solomon!

My name is Ekaterina, and I can say with confidence that I live a full life!  I am an active person: I snowboard, play tennis, run at the fitness club, travel fairly often, and truly love my work, because it brings me so much joy.  Looking at my life, I understand that not everyone is as lucky as I am.  It hurts me to think that many, many children are deprived of all this.  I don’t have an answer for why this happens.  But I am a believer, and the Lord in His Word said that the person that helps the least of these, helps me.  If running this marathon can give children relief, a smile, joy, hope, and they understanding that they are not alone, that they are not forgotten - then it gives me joy.  I really want for every child to have a strong confidence that God loves them, that He has not left them.  I want them to know that God loves them personally, and that I, Katya, also strongly love them.  Together, we can help many, many children.  I run in support of Solomon!

Runner: Ekaterina Kulikova

Solomon, 3 years old

We are raising money - for the examination and hospitalization for a hearing operation (the operation itself is free), as well as for a nanny from the Foundation and dental treatment - in the sum of 265,000 rubles.

Little 3-year old Solomon is very sociable - despite the absence (so far!) of hearing and speech - charming, and independent.  He can communicate with gestures, explain what he wants, and even involve other children in games.  He still trusts and believes in adults!

Here is what one volunteer said about Solomon after he was in the clinic for examination: “Solomon can make friends, even with older kids.  He had a 13-year-old friend in the clinic that played with him.  He persevered through examination, procedures, and even anesthesia,  never cried, and even when there was something he did not like, he would just stomp his foot.  Solomon slept well, and would fall asleep in his room as soon as the lights were turned off.  He also dresses and eats on his own.  He is still wearing diapers, but the moment he has gone to the bathroom, he shows with gestures that he needs his diaper changed.  I am sure that as soon as he can hear, he will learn how to ask to go to the toilet.”

He has already come to the federal clinic for examination, and soon can have an operation so he can hear and speak.  During his time at the clinic, a nanny from the Foundation accompanied him.  In the summer he will come to the Foundation’s rehab center to meet other children, go together with them to the theater and movies,  go on excursions in Moscow, participate in a play, and finish his dental examinations and procedures.  At the camp, a nanny will work with Solomon, and payment for her service also requires funding.

Solomon need a family, you can view his page in the federal data base here.

Please help this young boy to have successful rehabilitation after his operation, so he can fully hear and speak!

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